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Do you find yourself getting frustrated with your Wi-Fi? Is it too slow or too inconsistent of a connection? The truth is Wi-Fi can be spotty and if something goes wrong, fixing it isn’t always as easy as unplugging it for 30 seconds. That’s where Portal comes in!

PORTAL Ultimate Apartment Gigabit WiFi Router system that is the future of Wi-Fi. It uses a cloud-based system that provides you the most efficient and reliable network possible. It blows conventional routers away by giving you 3X more spectrum and 300X faster speeds which means you get to enjoy HD streaming and high graphic gaming with minimal buffering. It literally takes about 1-minute to set up and your account is completely secure.

Finally, this is something I’ve been waiting for! I’ve often torn out my hair in anger at how slow my Wi-Fi can be, but no more waiting or frustration because of slow, choppy, freezing Wi-Fi! There’s finally a simple hassle-free solution to enjoying HD, uninterrupted streaming TV – there’s nothing like it! So what are you waiting for  – check out PORTAL Ultimate Apartment Gigabit WiFi Router now!