Giuliani Exposes What Hillary Secretly Does To Dead People

Giuliani has exposed what Hillary Clinton does to dead people on national television. On an interview on CNN Giuliani says it all.

Democrats, like Hillary Clinton tend to manipulate votes and cheat. Even the dead are voting for Hillary.

“I’ve found very few situations where Republicans cheat.They don’t control the inner cities the way Democrats do. Maybe if Republicans controlled the inner cities, they’d do as much cheating as Democrats,” started Giuliani.

“I’m sorry. Dead people generally vote for Democrats rather than Republicans,” he said.

“I can’t sit here and tell you that they don’t cheat, and I know because they control the polling places in these areas. There are no Republicans. Then it’s very hard to get people there who will challenge votes. So what they do is they leave dead people on the rolls and then they pay people to vote [as] those dead people, four, five, six, seven, eight [times],” says Giuliani. Check out the video below.