GOP Official Embarrasses CNN Host On Live TV

Sean Spicer was on CNN where he repeatedly nailed what Republicans have been saying for a long time now. The main topic of discussion was how Donald Trump was misrepresented in the media, as most reporters were biased and shower their open support for Hillary Clinton. CNN host was Brian Stelter was obviously ill prepared for this interview.

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CNN’s Brian Stelter engaged in a tense interview with Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer over GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump‘s complaints about biased media coverage of his campaign.

“Let me ask you about what you believe is media bias. We were talking earlier this morning and you say there is evidence of this all over the place,” Stelter said Sunday. “Isn’t this just working the refs, just complaining about the coverage, sort of a way to work the refs in the final weeks of the campaign?”

“No, I think there is a difference between complaining and explaining,” Spicer responded.

He said what has been going on in the media during the election is “a disservice and in many cases just frankly appalling.”

Spicer went on to explain that if you look at the Twitter feeds of mainstream reporters, you can see they’ve become activists for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

He referenced The New York Times and Politico as examples of news outlets that failed to report significantly on the media collusion with Democrats revealed by WikiLeaks documents.

“Some of these reporters were they are cheering on Hillary Clinton or they’re providing them copies of their story to edit or to review. It is unbelievable,” Spicer said.

Spicer noted plenty of Republicans were given air time for being anti-Trump, but not any Democrats for being anti-Clinton: “When was the last time a panel had a Democrat that wasn’t for Hillary on it. I haven’t seen it this cycle.”

The Reliable Sources host argued that there was more unity among Democrats, but Spicer wasn’t having it. He said there were many Bernie Sanders supporters and lifelong Democrats who weren’t voting for Clinton.

Stelter also claimed that if the RNC was hacked you would find many friendly emails from reporters, to which Spicer noted there is a difference between being pleasant to someone and colluding with them.

“You’ve sent me some friendly e-mails like ‘happy birthday,’ ‘how are you,’ ‘good job’ but I don’t get debate questions. I haven’t got to edit stories for folks,” Spicer replied.

Stelter claimed people were just “picking and choosing” a few small examples and citing it as proof of a conspiracy.

“Every time Donald Trump makes a comment, every Republican up and down the ballot including here at the RNC is asked to comment on Donald Trump’s thing,” Spicer said. “When was the last time someone was asked on the record to comment about Hillary Clinton’s disclosures?”

“Interesting,” Stelter could be heard mumbling.

Spicer added that when people “tune into television or go online to a mainstream media source … they need to understand that they are getting a very biased, one-sided, activist journalists’ view of this race.”

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