Green is About to Become the New Olympic Gold – Here’s Why

Gold, silver and bronze are actually going green in 2020. That’s right — at the next Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, the winners’ medals should be made entirely of recycled materials.

Organizers are currently working to collect old cell phones and other tech devices in the hope that they can collect enough metal to make all of the gold, silver and bronze medals for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

This isn’t a brand new concept. About 30 percent of the silver and bronze medals from the Rio games were made from recycled materials as well. And this new green initiative shouldn’t have much of an impact on the value of the medals either, as gold medals haven’t actually been made of solid gold since about 1912.

Since they’re accepting donations of unused tech, it could actually save them money on materials. And viewers around the world are also likely to appreciate the eco-friendly nature of this new initiative.

The Business Benefits of Going Green

It’s probably unlikely that your business will find any reason to make Olympic medals in the near future. But the Olympics are still a brand. And thus, going green can offer a number of different benefits for the organizers of the event.

Olympic Rings – Turin Photo via Shutterstock