Grisly Images Show What Appear To Be Heroin Needles In Patient’s Neck

Credit: Reddit

Four years ago, an anonymous doctor logged on to Reddit to upload a series of images which are beyond shocking. According to the full-length post, the patient arrived at the hospital with severe pneumonia. After receiving a few initial x-rays, something worse than lungs filling up with fluid was discovered.

Reportedly, the patient was a long-term intravenous user of heroin and appeared to have dozens of broken needles in his neck. This prompted radiologists to run some 3D reconstructions of the area.

The doctor suspected that when the patient injected heroin into his neck, the man would ultimately pass out and the needles would break off. This must have occurred several times. Fortunately, the man was eventually able to leave the hospital.

As IFLScience reports, it is difficult to validate the legitimacy of the backstory — especially since the original poster has since deleted their account. However, several other stories have been seen before in medical journals.

For instance, an article in UBM Patient Care explains how soft tissue radiographs showed at least 17 broken needle tips in a patient’s neck that resulted from injecting heroin for 30 years. The article reads,

“Broken needles in injection drug users are not common. One study reported that up to 20 percent of injection drug users had experienced a needle breaking while injecting.”

Following are the grisly images:

Initial X-rays show the faint needle lines. Credit: Reddit

Additional imagery and reconstructions show the needles. Credit: Reddit

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