Hannity And Trump Just Made A Shocking Move -Details


As we all know, Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in all-out smear mode. They’re using the mainstream media to take every little thing Donald Trump does or says and spin it into being something offensive.

It’s proof that Hillary Clinton is desperate. She and her smug liberal yes men and women are shocked that there are so many “coal people” and “rednecks” out there who are standing up to her and the establishment and standing proudly with change agent Trump.

The latest insignificant thing that they are trying to blow up into a totally absurd “big deal” is the fact that Trump had to cancel and appearance on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News. Trump has made many appearances on the show. It’s less than a month before the election, and Trump is busy crisscrossing the country, meeting real Americans, and getting out the vote. Why is it a big deal that he’s missing one appearance on Hannity’s show? Yet, the mainstream media wants you to think that it’s a “sign” that there’s “trouble.” How can anyone trust Hillary’s liberal media and their propaganda?