Hillary Clinton lost 5 electoral votes! Her Plot To Foil Trump Backfired

Faith Spotted Eagle

Hillary Clinton’s attempt to steal the electoral college vote was an epic fail. It went so badly, she lost an electoral vote to a woman named Faith Spotted Eagle.

Seriously, we are not making this up.

Even though Clinton supporters spearheaded the electoral college revolt against Trump, it was Clinton who took the electoral hit. Hillary Clinton, in total, actually lost more electoral votes than Donald Trump. Clinton lost a total of five electoral votes, while Trump lost two.

In some states, electors are not allowed to cast a vote for someone other than the candidate they are pledged to. One Clinton elector in New Hampshire actually tried to cast a vote for Bernie Sanders, but was not allowed. The elector eventually changed the vote back to Clinton.

In Hawaii, Hillary Clinton was due to receive all four of the state’s electoral votes. Instead, one of the electors cast a vote for Bernie Sanders. State officials said the vote will be counted.

In the state of Washington, however, electors are free to vote for whomever they want. Four electors went rogue with their selection, with three voting for COlin Powell. One elector, however, cast a vote for Faith Spotted Eagle.

Faith Spotted Eagle is an activist from South Dakota with some radical views. She is currently protesting at Standing Rock against the Keystone Pipeline. She refers to Native Americans as an “occupied people” and rails against capitalism and the United States government. Her Facebook page can be found here.

In an interview with a Native American news website, Spotted Eagle talks about pipeline supporters and the treatment of her people. She refers to Native Americans as an “occupied people.”

Read some of her quotes from the interview below.

Racism continues to exist in this land, where the war against Natives never really ended.

Capitalism is their (pipeline supporters) god, and it takes no prisoners.

The spirit is moving and we will continue to prevail in our fight to defend Mother Earth.  This defense of Mother Earth has brought together unprecedented alliances of parties that we never dreamed would be on the same side.

It is amazing that Hillary Clinton lost an electoral vote to this loon. However, she should expect this type of thing from one of the worst Presidential candidates ever.