Hillary Starts Final Debate With MASSIVE LIE

Hillary Starts Final Debate With MASSIVE LIE, She Gets INSTANTLY Corrected…

Last evening, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump required a solid performance. The media are viciously exaggerating how Hillary Clinton is leading by many points over Trump but a lot of people agree that Trump has to pick things up as soon as possible.

rdHillary Clinton has a hard time with the truth.

That was bound to be a problem for her tonight. And it was.

She opened up the debate with a pretty major lie.

She said 33,000 people die each year from gun homicide.

That’s a lie.

Dana Loesch was all over it.

We are about 15 minutes in and Hillary has told several big lies.

She is pretending she supports the 2nd Amendment.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hillary has made it  clear that she believes the Supreme Court was wrong about the Second Amendment.

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