Hillarys Conceded, But Her Involvement In Recount May Open Path To Prison

Many Clinton supporters and sponsors are disappointed right now. And the reason is because Donald Trump is in the White House. They wasted so much money to take down Donald Trump, but they didn’t make it. In Wisconsin Jill Stein did EVERYTHING in her power to change the result by the recount, but in fact, she did nothing. Now, Hilary panics and goes straight to her and makes big pressure to disrespect the will of the voters.

Yes I’m Right reported: “As it stands, Hillary could be going to jail as we all thought she might during the election.

And you are asking how is that possible?

Well, Two Washington insider journalists are due to publish a book that gives the details of how Clinton actually conceded the race to Donald Trump – at the insistence of President Obama, it seems.

Shortly after, Trump told CBS News of his “lovely” conversation with Clinton, and how she was “very strong,” “very smart,” and “she couldn’t have been nicer” during the concession call. That opened the doors for Trump to renounce something he promised on the campaign trail – to pursue criminal charges against Clinton.

Now this, from Fox News, reported by Yes I’m Right: “But in politics, what is given … can be taken away. Especially when the recipient of a generous gift exhibits a conspicuous lack of gratitude. Which is precisely what Clinton has now done.”

In other words: Clinton received a big gift from Trump when she conceded, by way of his coming out in the following days with a wishy-washy view of pursuing her for prosecution. But now Clinton, on board with Stein’s recount, doesn’t seem as gracious of this gift as she should be.

From Yes I’m Right: “Essentially this is a direct spitting in the face of Donald Trump’s frankly gracious act of not prosecuting her, which is well within his rights to do as she has endangered national security.”

As Trump reminds, via Twitter: Hillary, you’ve already conceded. Let it go.

This is the real Hillary Clinton… Half of the “Americans” voted for her, and she disrespect the value of our votes.  Let’s hope Donald Trump will get rid of this vicious clan that want to put America under dictatorship.  Spread this everywhere and expose Hillary as crooked as she is!