How a Typo Cost Hillary Clinton the Election

John Podesta email typo

Who would have thought – Hillary Clinton’e email scandal was exposed because of a John Podesta email typo. Because of it, Hillary Clinton likely lost the election.

Democrats will not want to admit it, but voters never trusted Hillary Clinton. The WikiLeaks release of John Podesta’s emails may have been the straw that broke voters’ backs.

As it turns out, the way hackers were able to access the emails was because of a John Podesta email typo.

The New York Times reported that the hack of Podesta emails came from a “phishing” attack that he fell for. It wasn’t all Podesta’s fault. He asked one of the campaign tech guys about it. The tech’s response included a typo, that caused Podesta to expose his email account to hackers.

Hundreds of similar phishing emails were being sent to American political targets, including an identical email sent on March 19 to Mr. Podesta, chairman of the Clinton campaign. Given how many emails Mr. Podesta received through this personal email account, several aides also had access to it, and one of them noticed the warning email, sending it to a computer technician to make sure it was legitimate before anyone clicked on the “change password” button.

“This is a legitimate email,” Charles Delavan, a Clinton campaign aide, replied to another of Mr. Podesta’s aides, who had noticed the alert. “John needs to change his password immediately.”

The typo that changed an election

Delavan made a spelling mistake in the response to Podesta, however. He meant to write “illegitimate” instead of “legitimate.” Podesta took him at his word and fell for the hack. As a result, over 60,000 emails from Podesta and other Clinton campaign aides were obtained and released.

Mr. Delavan, in an interview, said that his bad advice was a result of a typo: He knew this was a phishing attack, as the campaign was getting dozens of them. He said he had meant to type that it was an “illegitimate” email, an error that he said has plagued him ever since.

First, it is amazing that Podesta would fall for an obvious phishing scam. Second, anyone concerned that Delavan is going to conveniently turn up dead one of these days?

The email hack cost Clinton dearly. Because of a John Podesta email typo, America’s fears about Hillary Clinton were confirmed. Voters broke heavily to Trump, and the rest is history.

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