How Great Doctors Find Great Patients

Few relationships are as critical as the one between physician and patient, but the healthcare landscape is rapidly shifting. Patients are increasingly likely to switch health insurance plans, move away, seek second opinions, and shop for new doctors. This change can be challenging for healthcare providers, but also offers valuable opportunities.

When patients search for a new doctor, they’re often interested in building a strong, caring relationship with a trustworthy provider who will look at their medical history with fresh eyes (and possibly new insights). The challenge is helping those potential patients find the right doctor.

Enter ZocDoc, a service that’s getting rave reviews from such news outlets as The New York Times, CNN, Fortune and The Washington Post, which called ZocDoc “a revelation.” Patients can use (or the site’s mobile app) to find a doctor or dentist who accepts their insurance, book an appointment, and fill out their paperwork in advance. The process takes just minutes and saves  time and stress for both patients and providers.

More than 2.5 million patients use ZocDoc to find doctors every month. The site lists dozens of specialties – from primary care physicians and OB-GYNs to acupuncturists, psychologists, orthodontists, and everything in between. It shows doctor listings on an interactive map, as well as photographs, insurances accepted, credentials, and professional statements. Patients can use this information to find and book appointments instantly.

This convenience is crucial for building a patient base. More than ever, potential patients are using the internet to gather medical information and search for healthcare providers. Unfortunately, these same patients often delay making an appointment, or opt for an urgent care solution instead. That approach can not only be harmful for patient health outcomes – it’s a loss of revenue for the doctor, which is impossible to recoup.

ZocDoc allows people to schedule appointments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That ease and immediacy can turn web traffic into real appointments, and can help doctors retain existing patients. ZocDoc also synchronizes with most practice management software to streamline scheduling for both patients and medical staff.

Healthcare is rapidly changing, and technology is driving this shift. To grow and maintain a strong medical practice, professionals need the right technology on their side. ZocDoc provides it, along with award-winning customer service, all in one convenient website.

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