How Mobile Card Readers Are Helping Small and Medium Businesses Grow

It’s said that America is built on small businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit of their owners. That passion for shaping one’s destiny starts when we are young, with lemonade stands and cookie sales, and though the economy may have its ups and downs that spirit of free enterprise continues flowing through our collective culture. In fact, more and more Americans are moving away from restrictive corporate jobs and instead focusing their talent, skills and passion toward their own businesses. They’re finding new ways to create and sell products that bucks the traditional system.

And the public is loving it.

From community events and local fairs to farmer’s markets and neighborhood brick-and-mortar stores, shoppers are seeking out independent retailers. They enjoy the personalized level of service, appreciate the unique finds smaller retailers offer, and feel good about helping the local economy.

The challenge arises with debit or credit cards transactions. Consumers carry little cash these days, but small businesses often have a hard time accepting them. So what’s the solution?

Mobile card readers—where entrepreneurial innovation and technology meet necessity. These devices allow anyone, anywhere, and at any time to easily process credit and debit card transactions using an item they already use on a daily basis: their smart phone.

Handling credit or debit card sales has always been a hassle for small businesses because banks charge enormous fees for terminals and transactions. US News even reports that the cost of credit card interchange fees has tripled in recent years. Traditional card readers are also difficult to set up, and limit sales to locations with a computer or phone line. That’s not an option for nontraditional businesses, like artisans, repairmen, makeup artists, or even groups like local churches or youth organizations.

With solutions like Intuit GoPayment, which works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, business owners can take credit cards wherever their business takes them. To get the free Intuit GoPayment card reader, small business owners simply sign up, answer a few basic questions, and download the free app. From there, they can start processing transactions instantly; credit or debit transactions can be processed without the reader by entering in the credit card number manually, and the GoPayment reader will arrive within 4-7 business days.

Completing a transaction with GoPayment is easy. Simply plug the reader into your smart phone and launch the app. Swipe the customer’s card through the reader, have them sign their signature on your phone screen, and either email or text them the receipt. That’s it.

Intuit charges no monthly fee for GoPayment and provides 24/7 support for their customers. Retailers pay as little as 1.75% per swipe, and they can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. There are no application or cancellation fees, so there is no commitment for signing up. Plus, customers get access to Intuit’s Merchant Service Center, allowing them to easily process or reverse a transaction, run reports, and more. After each transaction, the funds are deposited to the registered bank account within 2-3 days, which can be quicker than traditional banks.

Intuit also makes security a top priority. Their card reader is encrypted. Sensitive customer data cannot be compromised, because it’s never saved on the device. Business owners can also designate multiple users, allowing them to easily manage all business transactions under one account.

Whether you’re an artist selling your works from home or a restaurateur with 50 employees (GoPayment takes tips too), anyone looking to accept credit or debit payments can now do so easily with a mobile card reader.

Intuit GoPayment is a fast and easy way for businesses to process credit cards on the go, so they never miss a sale.

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