How to Attend Unlimited Movies for One Low Monthly Fee

For movie lovers, there’s often nothing better than going down to the theater, picking up a cold soda and some warm popcorn, and relaxing in a cool darkened room to enjoy the latest big-screen film release.

Unfortunately, movies have become really expensive—attending just two new releases a month can cost a person around $30 for tickets, with parking, drinks, and snacks added on top of that. And, while discount tickets are available, they normally can only be used during non-peak hours, long after the movie has premiered and been moved to smaller screens.

People are turning to online rental companies, but for real movie lovers they are no replacement; you wait months before you can watch your favorite flicks, and viewing them alone at home is just not the same experience as on a big screen with incredible surround sound.moviepassguide

That scenario, however, could be changing due to MoviePass — the first of its kind, unlimited one-price movie plan.

MoviePass offers film buffs a cut-rate subscription to attend unlimited movies across the country for a fixed monthly fee. There are no blackouts or limited screening times— you can view the latest releases when you want to watch them. Better yet, members can attend special screenings and events, preorder DVD/blu-ray copies of films, receive restaurant discounts, and score other exclusive membership perks. The MoviePass website also features daily updates with movie reviews, trailers for upcoming releases, and major scoops on entertainment industry news.

MoviePass is an independent company that caters to the consumer looking to grab a bargain.

Start by signing on and becoming a member. They offer a low-cost annual subscription plan of unlimited movies with no blackout dates. That means you can see as many movies as you want— 5 , 10, or even 20 per month for less than $30. The more movies you end up seeing, the more money you save.

And now, for a limited time, MoviePass is offering gift package plans for the holiday gift giving season. Whether it’s a stocking stuffer, a corporate gift, or something special for the last night of Chanukah, it’s a gift that’s sure to be appreciated for a long time to come.

Subscription plans start as low as $29.99 and gift subscriptions start as low as $49.99.

Gift subscriptions are good for 30 days with no blackout dates. They entitle the recipient to one 2D movie, everyday, for the full duration of their pass. Now, that’s what we call a gift that keeps on giving!

MoviePass made the Business Insiders list of the “25 Hottest Startups in NYC” and it’s backed by major investors including AOL Ventures and Lambert Media. With that kind of support, this really could change the way people see movies from now on.amc-theaters-movie-pass-slice

Click here to learn more about MoviePass or to sign up for one of their limited time gift packages.