How To Boost Testosterone Naturally?

How To Boost Your Testosterone For Increased Performance

It’s not a hidden truth that testosterone is the king of male hormones. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that provides strength as well as libido to male body. The miracle of T Hormone is endless and almost mythical. This hormone is also responsible for healthy sperm production, bone and teeth health, muscle building and others.

Man however experience a decline in testosterone level after the age of 30. Low testosterone level increases risk of obesity, weak physical performance, diabetes, decreased sexual function, decrease in muscle mass and others. There are many supplements and devices that claim to increase testosterone level. But do you know that you can boost testosterone level naturally as well. Yes, you hear true. You can increase testosterone level in your body naturally by applying these healthy tips.

Eat more fat

The days are gone when people associate fat with heart disease and increased cholesterol. Ironically studies have proved that consuming both mono unsaturated and saturated fats boost testosterone level. Men consuming low fat diet experiences a significant drop in their T level compared to men on a rich fat diet. It’s not about the amount of fat you consume but about the type of fat. All the men out there, don’t be afraid to consume that extra fat this evening.

Get plenty of sleep

Lack of sleep can drastically increase your body testosterone level. Lack of sleep is also associated with fat loss, irritation, loss of interest and impaired memory. A study in Chicago University has found out that its mandatory to get a 6-7 hours of good sleep to maintain a healthy testosterone level.

Eat food rich in zinc and vitamin D

Zinc is an excellent testosterone booster. A research in Wayne University in Indiana has found out that men can significantly increase their testosterone level by including 8-10 nmol/l of zinc supplement daily.

Like zinc food rich in vitamin D is also associated with increase in T level. The food rich in vitamin D are dairy products, soy milk, cereals, cheese, egg yolk, fatty fish like salmon, tuna, beef liver and many other protein diet.

Cholesterol is GOOD

Yes, you hear true. Cholesterol is not always bad. Include healthy cholesterol in your diet to maintain healthy testosterone level.

Specific GYM exercises

High intensity gym workouts are highly associated with increase in testosterone level. Men experience a great peek in their body strength and function after a great resistance training. But you have to be very specific when you go out for a gym workout. Shorter high intensity workouts are rather beneficial than longer ones. Consult your gym trainer if you want to boost your T level with specific gym exercises.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Apart from all the above tips, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must. Keep your weight to moderation, avoid smoking habit, eat a balanced diet, drink plenty or water, keep your alcohol level to moderation and reduce stress level.

All these tips will help you to boost your T level and improve your physical health. After all maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not a bad choice.