How to Cut Out the Junk Food and Eat Like a Caveman

lodkEver wonder why cavemen didnt have to go to the gym to stay in peak mammoth-hunting condition? Since farming was invented about five thousand years ago, weve added a lot of different foods to the human diet. Its no coincidence that so many people are completely out of shape and suffering from weight-related health problems.

Paleolithic dieting means eliminating all the food sources from your diet that werent available to our ancestors who lived and ate before the invention of farming.

As you can imagine, that means meat. Lots of it. And while that sounds awesome for anybody who loves a good steak or a plate of nice crispy bacon, if you want to eat like a caveman you have to figure out what else theyre supposed to eat besides dead cow or pig. Thats why we checked out Caveman Feast, the new paleo eating e-book that wants to evolve your approach to the caveman diet .

Caveman Feast comes from George Bryant, the guy behind Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations, and his friend Abel James. Caveman Feast has over two hundred paleo recipes that can take your eating back thousands and thousands of years.

The main point of caveman eating is to cut out gluten, grains, and soy: things that were only introduced into the human diet with farming, things our bodies didnt evolve to process. But the idea of eating like a caveman is also about freeing yourself from the junk chemicals, additives and skewed priorities of corporate, industrialized food makers. It means saying no to the additives that come with most foods at the supermarket.

Why are those things in your food? To make sure it stays presentable on the shelf, not to make you healthy. That is not the way cavemen ate, and its not the way you should eat. Cutting them out means transforming your body into the lean and chiseled caveman stereotype. The beard and the leopard skin are up to you.

Caveman Feast shows you how to do it. Youll find out all about how to make your big protein entrees beef, pork, poultry, and seafoodbut Caveman Feast takes it even further, going into those difficult to plan for parts of your paleo plate, things like sides, condiments and snacks.

Even people who dont know much about cooking can still pick up everything it takes to eat the caveman way. The recipes are the easy part. The hard part is saying goodbye to the foods you cant eat. That means no potatoes, dairy, lentils or grains. And that can be a challenge. But for people who are already into paleo, or people who care enough about their health to cut out all the junk will want to try Caveman Feast.

Ready to go back to the days when eating didnt mean carb-heavy, preservative-packed Let Caveman Feast show you how cavemen would today.