How to Find the Best Web Hosting

Whether it’s for your business or your blog, Web hosting is a critical requirement of any website. Web hosting is the service that stores the files and content that make up your website so that are accessible from any computer around the world. A good Web hosting service will make sure your website is secure from hackers and works quickly and reliable for your visitors.
There are two kinds of hosting:
1. Dedicated server hosting–An entire computer is used for the files and content of a single website.
2. Shared server hosting–Allows multiple website owners to share a server for storage. Generally, shared hosting is much less expensive and usually suitable for small businesses and blog sites.
For small, personal websites, free hosting is also an option. This is generally advertising supported, but will not be suitable for any type of commercial website.
Finding the right setup for you can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you find your way to the right Web hosting situation for your needs:
  1. Reliability: It is important to choose a host that provides reliable services. Nearly all Web hosting companies will advertise 99 percent up-time for your site, so that can’t be your main indicator of reliability. Do a little research and find a reputable review site and look into the hosting companies ratings.
  2. Features: The main factor in deciding which service to use should be the tools and features provided by the Web host. If you need to host a forum, blogging software, or ecommerce cart, find an offer that provides exactly what you need. Many sites will offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage, but this isn’t as good a deal as you might think. Most of the limits on bandwidth and storage are more than enough for all but the largest of websites.
  3. Customer Support: Again, a good place to go for customer service ratings is a review site, but this is one area that it is best to investigate yourself. Customer service is as important as anything in choosing a Web host, so make sure your hosting service offers 24/7 phone support.
  4. Know your future needs. It is a good idea to have a solid understanding of what features and services you will need in the future, so that you can get the best deal on the services you will need. It can be a hassle to switch hosting services once you are set up.
Web hosting is an extremely competitive business and hosts are constantly trying to sweeten their deals to bring in more users. Use this to your advantage! Shopping around and getting the best deal for you will give you the best experience possible and make sure your website runs smoothly.
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