How To Hypercharge Your Phone 300% Faster – Right In Your Hand!

The future of portable chargers is here: charging speed, weight and convenience all-in-one package! 

Which do you hate more? Realizing your phone’s about to die? Or searching for a wall charger and an outlet? They’re both panicky; frustrating feelings aren’t they?

When work, family, and life has you constantly on the go, being caught with a dead phone, and no way to charge it can be extremely inconvenient and even life-threatening in some situations.

Fortunately, the people at LinearFlux understand how much we’ve all come to rely on our phones to keep us connected, informed and even safe in emergency situations.That’s why they created the world’s fastest portable phone charger – so you never find yourself powerless again.


What is it?

It’s called the LithiumCard PRO.  It’s the fastest, most lightweight and convenient portable charger you’ll find in any one package! It charges 300% faster than most portable chargers and exactly 3X faster than Apple’s iPhone wall charger. It can also charge any device – iOS, Droid, tablets, headphones, and more.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00L3MNYV6″ locale=”US” tag=”mavt-20″]LithiumCard PRO[/easyazon_link] delivers almost the same amount of power as the Apple wall chargers combined!

Even better is it only weighs 3.08oz? Where most decently fast chargers weigh on average over 9oz. The LithiumCard PRO weighs less than a deck of cards (and it’s smaller too)!

How does it work?

The PRO’s charging speed, size, and weight already put it in a class of its own. But how it physically charges your phone takes it to another level, because the charging cables come built in. Right out of the box. They simply tuck away when not in use, so there are no extra cables to think about. Just grab the LithiumCard PRO and go!

The PRO has built in, retractable cables to ensure you never forget them and never get tangled in them!
The PRO has built-in retractable cables to ensure you never forget them and never get tangled in them!

Three more things that set this charger apart from the rest.

1. Charge your phone and someone else’s device at the same time.

2. Charge the LithiumCard PRO and your phone simultaneously.

3. Backup your phone’s pictures & videos to your computer through your PRO.

Plus, power indicator lights flash 1 of 3 bright colors according to the level of charging juice still available in the PRO: Red = less than 10%, Blue = more than 10%, and White = more than 90%. That way you never leave home with a dead charger.

3 Power Indicator Lights Help Ensure You Never Leave Home With A Dead Charger.
3 Power Indicator Lights Help Ensure You Never Leave Home With A Dead Charger

Why choose the LithiumCard PRO vs. other chargers?

You’re just not going to find another all-in-one portable charger that delivers superior quality and performance like the PRO does at such an affordable price.

That’s because the genius minds behind Beats By Dre Headphones are the same brains behind the PRO. The unmatched quality, performance, and convenience you’ll find in their headphones you’ll also find in the PRO.

The PRO looks cool while charging two devices at the same time - and might turn a few heads too!
The PRO looks cool while charging two devices at the same time 

How much is it going to cost me?
Considering the top-notch quality and capabilities of the PRO, it’s incredibly affordable. Most chargers that offer just one, maybe two, of the PRO’s features can cost upwards of $100 to $150. Which is why the PRO is so ridiculously affordable at $64.99. There’s just no comparison.  And for $5 you can get their NanoStick Pad that sucks the PRO to your phone like glue… it’s pretty sweet.

nano stik

5 ways the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00L3MNYV6″ locale=”US” tag=”mavt-20″]LithiumCard PRO[/easyazon_link]  leaves competitors in the dust

The PRO is simply second to none when it comes to quality and affordability. As a recap, here are the  five ways the PRO is crushing the competition now, and the foreseeable future…

  1. Uber Fast- 300% faster than most other portable chargers & 3X faster than iPhone wall charger.
  2. Portable – 3.08oz. Weighs less than a deck of cards and weighs 3X less than most other chargers.
  3. Simple – Built in cords means no messy wires to forget or get tangled in as you charge your phone on the go!
  4. Convenient – Charge ANY 2 devices at the same time – Droid, iPhone, tablets, headphones, more.
  5. Powerful – Can deliver more power than current smartphones require, making it ready to handle the ever-increasing power requirements of future smartphones – it’s future proof!

Calling it the ‘PRO’ is spot on because really, it’s a professional portable charger where all the rest are just amateurs still trying to figure it out!

Now You Can Charge Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere – In Record Time!

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