How to Make A Leather Couch Look New Again

How to Fix a Peeling Leather Couch

A leather furniture often creates a problem by flaking or peeling. Such minor effects can be easily repaired by using vinyl repair kit and liquid leather. You can use liquid of different shades to match your leather color. You can practice applying liquid leather on a piece of leather to master this art. Fixing a peeled leather couch can cost you lots of money otherwise, but if you apply these small tips and tricks, you can easily fix it at home with little effort.

Examine the Upholstery

The first step in fixing a peeling leather couch is examining the area of the problem. Sit on the couch and examine properly. You may have to fix many problems at once. If the peeling is very small that it cannot be noticed, later on, mark the area by placing a water tape. You can even use cotton to fill the area that has lost some material.

Clean the couch

Take a dry white cloth to wipe down the problem area. You can also buy repair tools that contain alcohol wipes. Use those wipes to clean your couch. Cleaning before repairing ensures you to find exact color of your couch so that you can match your couch color with the repair solution. After wiping with the repair wipe, let your couch dry completely.

Mix the color

You can play with colors by mixing different fixing liquids in the kit. Before applying the color to the couch make sure the color matches. You can test the color by applying it at the back of the couch. Once you are happy, you can apply it to the problematic area.

Fix the repair

The next step in repairing your couch is fixing it. Follow the steps below

Heat up an iron to high heat

Using the spatula (it is available on the repair kit) place a small amount of repair liquid on the peeled area. Blend the color with a brush until the peeled area looks smooth. The applied leather liquid and the surface of the surrounding leather should be parallel.

Place the leather paper from the repair kit at the top of peeled area.

Place the hot iron on the top of the leather paper for at least one minute until the paper sets with the couch. Do not apply hot iron directly to the surface of the couch or repair liquid, instead, apply the hot iron with paper underneath to prevent further damage to your couch.

Note: You can use the same technique to fix puncture and cracks in your leather cloth, jackets and shoes. You have to take precaution while buying a leather fixing tool. Buy a quality tool which contains all the necessary elements needed.

Apply this technique now so that your leather couch looks new again.

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