Huckabee Takes Gloves Off, DESTROYS Killary [VIDEO]

Huckabee DESTROYS Killary With Most Vicious Insult A Dumb Lib Has Ever Received

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee just ripped into Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton viciously. “Hillary Clinton is an elitist snob,” Huckabee said on Fox and Friends.

He added, “She believes she’s smarter than you. She thinks that she’s more sophisticated than you and she believes that the people who don’t agree with her are part of the great unwashed of America and the best they can do is just fall in line let her lead them and then be done with it.”

Huckabee continued, “After more than 30 years in politics, Hillary Clinton is known only too well. Her carefully focus-grouped speeches about all her government experience and her 25-point plans don’t impress anyone who knows that it was bad experience and that her plans are nothing but more of the same foreign policy weakness that’s letting ISIS, Iran, Russia, China and North Korea eat our lunch.”

He concluded, “Many of her claims were downright laughable, such as her smug assurance that she’s uniquely qualified to fight cyber threats from foreign governments, when we all know she thinks you ‘wipe a server with a dust cloth and destroy data by hitting smartphones with a hammer,’ and all her own emails are all over WikiLeaks. Her attempts to spark internet memes with painful canned groaners like ‘trumped-up trickle down’ — she said that twice, as if it would sound wittier the second time — landed with a clunk and just drew attention to her lack of spontaneity.” Ouch! Watch the video below: