I Bet You Didn’t Knew About These Banana Facts

Top 19 Interesting Facts About Bananas

Are you a banana lover? Well don’t take it in a sexual way. Here are top 19 interesting facts about banana that you hadn’t known about.

1. Best seller at Walmart

Can you guess what is the Walmart’s best seller? Well your guess is right.. Its Banana.

2. High Radiation Dose

A research has proved that eating 50 bananas will give you same amount of dose as 1 dental x-ray. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t eat banana. Just eating in high amount can cause some harm.

3. It makes you happy

Banana contains many necessary nutrients essential to your body. They are not only good for your health, they also contain enzymes that makes you happy. “1 Banana A Day Keeps You Happy”.

4. The colors of original banana were red and green

Yellow banana you get nowadays in market were only discovered until 1836. Yellow color banana are the mutant strain of original bananas whose color were red and green.

5. Rich in Energy

Just 2 bananas will give you enough energy to survive a 80-90 minutes intense workout.

6. DNA similar to human

Yes, it’s true. Do you know that humans actually share 50% of DNA with this tropical fruit. Next time you eat banana you will be laughing to death remembering this fact.

7. You won’t die of potassium overdose

It’s a myth to say that you will die of potassium overdose if you consume banana to a high limit. A research says that you have to eat at least 480 bananas at a time to die.

8. Eating Banana reduces stress and anxiety

Yes, you hear true. Whenever you are stressed out or feel tensed you can eat a banana to control the stress.

9. Gives you a son

What. You might be thinking that I am kidding. But a study has shown that women are likely to be blessed with a baby boy if they eat banana during sexual relation with their partner.

10. Bananas doesn’t contain fat

If you are on dieting and avoiding banana you are making a mistake. Bananas contains high amount of vitamins, potassium, manganese and healthy enzymes but they are very low in fat.

11. Banana singular and plural name

Do you know that a single banana is named as finger whereas group of bananas are known as hand. So it goes very well with your hand and finger.

12. Lowers heart disease

Yes, bananas significantly lowers the danger of having a heart attack. Bananas also lowers the chances of cancer and tumors. So make a habit of eating banana regularly from today for a healthy life.

13. Rich in water

Banana seems to be a packed and solid fruit but it contains 75% of water. Next time you feel dehydrated you can grab a banana to fulfill water requirements.

14. Cultivated in over 100 nations

Do you know that this fruit is so popular over the world that it is grown in more than 100 nations.

15. Banana Museum

You may have gone to museums around the world but you must visit a wonderful California museum which displays 17,000 interesting banana items.

16. Ripening Process

When picked bananas are green and hard. They are then sprinkled with ethylene so that they ripen and gets yellow.

17. Tallest herb

The banana plant is known as the world’s tallest herb. A single banana plant can be up to 20 ft tall.

18. Banana tree doesn’t have woods

Unlike other trees bananas doesn’t have wood.

19. Health Hazard

It was actually believed to be a health hazard when you slip on banana during early 1900’s.