Juan Williams Makes A Fool Of Himself Over Hillary’s Scandals

10-23-2016-12-31-08-pmChris Wallace recently asked Juan Williams a sharp question about Hillary’s many crimes. Said Chris, “We knew that Hillary Clinton played double games on a lot of these issues, but somehow you don’t seem to think that these transcripts are a game changer. Why not?”

Juan was obviously trying to copy Hillary’s infamous “pivot” from the debates, and tried to change the subject. It backfired, and he looked like an idiot for saying it.

Answered Juan, “I think in this case, what you’re seeing at this moment in the campaign there is a specific group of undecided voters that’s going to decide this thing. And, I think in large part, it’s suburban white women who lean to the right. Where are those women at this moment?”

He continued, “I don’t think they’re going to be impacted by what came out from the Clinton tapes or whatever, but they are impacted when they hear Donald Trump’s language, because it’s highly offensive. I mean, it’s not, you know, look I grew up playing sports. I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms, Chris.”

Added Juan, “I hear men say ‘I would like that woman’ or ‘she’s a hot woman.’ I’ve never heard anybody say something as graphic and hostile as what came out in that tape.” Do you think it’s crazy that liberals like Juan keep trying to cover for Hillary’s crimes by changing the subject and smearing Trump?