Immediately After VP Debate Hillary Sent Out This Email Is Full Panic About Trump

Immediately After VP Debate Hillary Sent Out This Email Is Full Panic About Trump

After Mike Pence mopped the floor with Tim Kaine in the VP debate, Hillary sent out an email that shows she is absolutely desperate and literally in panic mode about what’s happening with Trump.

Trump is getting stronger and stronger, which is in part due to the performance Mike Pence put on the other night.

Here is what the email from Hillary said…

“Friend —

Last night while Mike Pence was spending 90 minutes in primetime running away from any attempt to defend Donald Trump, our volunteers were on the phones making thousands of calls to get folks registered and make sure they vote. That’s how we’re going to win this election — with one-on-one conversations about why we need Hillary to be our next president.

But we’re in a very tough spot right now, because we keep missing our fundraising goals. So when we see new polls like the one this week that showed Trump up five points in Ohio, I’ve got to make very tough decisions about what resources to send to which state directors so they can reach the voters they need to deliver wins for Hillary.

I want to say yes to everything. I want to send buses of volunteers to Nevada AND open new field offices in Ohio AND hire more organizers in North Carolina. But if we keep missing our online goals, I’ll have to start saying no. And to be honest, that scares the crap out of me, because that’s how we could lose this race.

We can’t get annoyed and distracted by Trump and Pence’s lies and attacks — we’ve got to stay focused and get this done. I’m asking you to do your part today — can you help with a donation right now? Folks on the ground are counting on you, and to say thanks, we’ll send you a Team Hillary sticker.”

Here’s the screen shot of the email…

Right before the above email went out…she sent this one:

“Friend —

The Trump campaign just announced they’re nearing 3 million individual donors. If that’s true, it means they’ll soon have about 400,000 more donors than our campaign — and it means that they’re stepping up just as we’ve fallen short of our digital fundraising goals several days in a row.

We have 34 days left in this campaign. The time for waiting is over. If we allow Trump’s team to outpace ours, we could live to regret it on November 8th — and for who knows how many years after that.

I mean, honestly. Are we going to let DONALD TRUMP have more grassroots backers than Hillary Clinton? No. We can’t let that happen.

If you’re with Hillary, step up and say so right now, before we run out of time to fight back. Chip in for the first time in this campaign, and we’ll send you a free sticker so you can show you’re on this team.”


Hillary followed up both emails with links to give money, virtually begging for it.

America is seeing through her lies, and more and more people are boarding the Trump Train to Washington!