In A Formula For All Types of Cancer, Three Herbs Stand Out

In this article you will read about three ingredients that can keep you safe from over 100 abnormal cells. It may sound unreal, but its true. The following ingredients are very powerful and effective.

Here are the three ingredients of miraculous formula against cancer:

  • Young, green walnut
  • Wormwood plant (Artemisia absinthium)
  • Cloves

Combine these three ingredients together.

The walnut and wormwood are able to eliminate around 100 types of adult abnormal cells in different stages of development.

Cloves are effective in killing their metastases. You will kill all of the cells only if you combine these three ingredients together.

If you eliminate the adult cells only, new cells will quickly become adults.

You can make a remedy with the green shells from young nuts. The plants with green shuck have the strongest medicinal characteristics. Take some large ceramic dish (you mustnt use metal). Put the green shells from the walnuts in the dish. Add ethyl alcohol to the top of the shells. Add half a tablespoon of vitamin C powder and cover the dish with foil. Leave it to stay for three days. Strain the mixture and put it into sterile glass containers.

Wormwood-you will need a little bit of wormwood to make this remedy. Take one dried wormwood herb and crush it until you have a powder. Keep this powder in some glass container.

How to use a miraculous triple formula against cancer:

Use one teaspoon of walnut kernels tincture and dissolve it in half a glass of water in the morning. If you weight more than 70 kg you should use 2 teaspoons, and if you weight more than 90 kg you should use 3 teaspoons. People who are suffering from some serious diseases should double the dose and consume it until they are completely healed.

Wormwood- you should use 2 teaspoons of wormwood powder before having a dinner for 14 days. When the two weeks have passed, you should take one teaspoon every day until you are healed.

Use one teaspoon of cloves three times in a day before every meal. Do this procedure for 10 days and after that you should consume one teaspoon before dinner until you are completely healed.

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