Incredible Footage Shows Driver Speeding Through Millions of Locusts [Watch]

Credit: YouTube

While driving through the Tarumovsky District of Russia’s Republic of Dagestan, a driver was unsuspectingly caught in a horrifying cloud of millions of locusts. Fortunately, the dash cam captured the entire ordeal.

The Daily Mail reports that the toe-curling footage initially looks like a sandstorm. As the insects approach, however, it becomes clear that they are instead a storm of locusts.

Incredibly, an average swarm can consume the same amount of food as 10 elephants, or 2,500 people. A group of locusts can also travel distances up to 130 km in one day.

Russia’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture reports that at least 112,000 hectares have been affected by the locusts which have taken over the area and are destroying crops. Unfortunately, due to global warming and increasing temperatures, locust swarms are becoming more and more common.

Watch the video below:

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