Internet Dating Lovebirds Plot To Terrorism In The United Kingdom

This couple fell in love and decided to unite to try and kill innocent Engenders.

A Muslim dating service? What could go wrong?

Asking such a question in that way is enough to get shouts of “Islamaphobe” and “hater” lobbed at the one asking, but just the same, it needs to be asked. After all, most people know more than a few Islamists who are a danger to nobody, so it is easy to let out guard down. We may forget that there is still a rather large number of Muslims who long to bring frightful misery to those who worship differently, and England has just learned that lesson yet again.

Yahoo News reports that a couple “who met on a Muslim dating website were convicted Monday of plotting a bomb attack in Britain.” If these concerns were brought up prior to this happening, everyone would have called such a notion “hateful” to suspect. Now that the fuse was all but lit, everyone can see how close the U.K. was a new act of terrorism, instead.

The judge was not afraid to call out the terrorism for what it was.

Munir Mohammed, “an asylum-seeker from Sudan,” and “London pharmacist Rowaida El-Hassan met on” There, they fell in love and shared their hatred for the West.

It clearly meant nothing to Mohammed, 38, that Great Britain had opened their doors and allowed him in, believing his supposed “refugee in need” ploy. He should be out in the streets thanking the people of England, but such gratitude is often lost on many within the Muslim community.

Both lovers denied the accusations but jurors saw through their flimsy stories and “found them guilty of preparing terrorist acts.” Mohammed even offered to carry out the attacks while talking to an informant on Facebook. He believed that the man was an ISIS commander!

Last month when he was arrested, police “found bomb-making instructions and two of the three components for the explosive TATP at Mohammed’s home.” The man with terroristic dreams was using El-Hassan’s knowledge of chemicals to construct the means of his attack, it is also known.

FAILING TO DEFINE THE ENEMY: Yahoo News did not even post that the pair were Muslim in their headline.

El-Hassan admitted to “emotional attachment” when it came to Mohammed, but she denied playing any role in the planned attack. That claim notwithstanding, Judge Michael Topolski found the pair guilty of “planning an explosion to kill and maim innocent people in the cause of Islamic State.

The 33-year-old El-Hassan was found to have been “ideologically motivated to provide him with support, motivation and assistance,” so she also faced justice. On February 2nd, the two will be sentenced. They face up to life in prison for their devious and hateful plotting against innocent lives.

That may the only thing that such people understand, too. If enough hateful terrorists are locked up, perhaps they will find that coming to the West in hopes of killing for Allah is not as desirable as they had at first reasoned.

Source: Yahoo  News

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