Iran Never Signed Treaty, Obama’s Nuclear Deal Fully Illegal

There is an evidence that Obama and John Kerry didn’t require Iran to sign the nuclear deal that his team negotiated, and the deal is not “legally binding”. Obama and Iran agreed that a legally binding deal would be strongly discouraged and disapproved, so they skipped that part and just gave Iran everything they asked for, only if Iran promised not to use nuclear weapons on countries.

As Conservative Daily Post reported, with this non ”legally binding” agreement Iran was given:

  • A lift on $ 100 billion in sanctions.
  • They were paid more than $ 36 billion for “long overdue actions.”
  • Unlimited access to trade with Europe again.
  • A lift on the arms embargo. They can buy and sell weapons from anyone, anywhere, anytime they want to.
  • They are allowed to run “safety tests” on themselves.
  • They report “illegal actions” themselves to the U.N. Meaning, Iran will tell Obama and the U.N. if they are acting criminally or inappropriately.

And the United States received absolutely nothing. Literally we armed them and gave them everything that they asked for.

There is a silver lining: The deal was never signed, so two things can occur.

 Trump, as promised, would rip this agreement, and force them to destroy their nuclear systems.

Also Trump should charge Obama and Kerry for this treasonous act. This ties them directly to funding terrorists.

Under the “Stop Funding Terrorists Bill,” which is going to House floor next week, if Republicans vote to pass this, Obama and any other government agency or official that supplies terrorists can be charged with treason.

If this is proven to be completely true, then we should follow the money which most likely will lead us to Obama, Hillary and Kerry. To be followed with required charges against them.