Is There Such a Thing as a 15-Minute Facelift?

Isabel, 49, is excited to try a new, non-invasive procedure, created by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yan Trokel, which mimics a surgical facelift, without the patient having to undergo surgery. The Y-Lift Plus will give Isabel a complete face makeover, from the temples to the jawline, in about 15 minutes. This video contains images of a graphic procedure. Viewer discretion is advised.

While this procedure appears to be quite helpful, there are other ways to keep your skin looking and feeling amazing.

One of the most impressive “face lifting” ¬†product lines on the market today is Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford. Not only is this line formulated using the best ingredients possible, it is priced quite well.

Here are the main items in the line that you may want to consider trying:

1. Skin Softening Cleanser

2. Creme de Serum

3. Lifting Eye Cream

4. Antioxidant Day Cream with 15 SPF

5. Eye Enhancing Serum

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