It All Begins and Ends With Jeffery Epstein

It All Begins and Ends With Jeffery Epstein

Written by John Miranda

UPDATE: Sadly I am now being proven correct about false allegations brewing against Trump. As I previously stated – do not believe one word of these bogus charges from anonymous women that the Clintons are behind.

Rape of a minor in Florida can destroy the life of those convicted. Aside from a long prison sentence (no less than seven and a half years – with a maximum sentence of 15 years), those convicted are usually dealt with harshly by other inmates. Clinton associate, Jeffrey Epstein, plead guilty to the rape of 34 minors and was given a sentence of 13 months. Epstein happens to be the creator of the Clinton Foundation. Let that sink in… Of course, our mainstream media stays away from these fact as if they were the plaque.

Epstein literally faced hundreds of years in prison by any reasonable estimation, and got off with only 13 months. Were favors called in? Was pressure put upon the prosecutor and the judge? Will the sun come up tomorrow? Personally, I would say yes to all three.

That Epstein has close ties to the Clintons is undeniable. While it is only Bill who has been reported to have flown upon Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ personal jet, and visit his private island that held underage sex slaves, it would be ludicrous to think that Hillary Clinton has no close relationship with the creator of her cherished charity scam / money laundering organization called the Clinton Foundation.


The Epstein connection to Donald Trump is essentially non-existent. Yes, Epstein once had a membership at one of Trump’s private Florida golf clubs, and it is reported that Trump was once invited to a party by Epstein. But it is also reported that Trump and his body guard left 15 minutes after arriving, as Trump felt uncomfortable by the apparent young age of the women/girls lounging in bikinis around the pool. Hence, a close relationship between Epstein and Trump is a fantasy by any stretch of the imagination.

Many rumors are circulating that, in a last ditch effort to take down Trump, the Clintons plan to cook up an Epstein/Trump connection that involves underage girls. A common characteristic of sociopaths is ‘projection’ – reflecting one’s vices/bad habits/sins onto an enemy or victim. It is blatantly clear that it is Bill Clinton who is simpatico with Jeffrey Epstein and all of his evil deeds. Be prepared for a final smear campaign from Hillary, and be ready to denounce it for the complete bogus nonsense that it is.

Written by John Miranda, U.S. Navy veteran



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