Hillary Held A “MASSIVE” Iowa Rally…Just 1 Problem!

It KEEPS Happening! Hillary Held A “MASSIVE” Iowa Rally…Just 1 Problem!

In this election season, it has not been unusual to see Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, fill up auditoriums and stadiums to maximum capacity and still have to turn supporters away at his rallies. Of course there’s no mention of this in the mainstream media. Just the sound of …crickets!

Meanwhile, the crickets are chirping loud and proud at Democrat, Hillary Clinton’s, ‘boondoggles’ that have been called rallies by the lap dog news media . The term ‘crickets’ is being used here to refer to Hillary’s media hacks and the actual insect. Sort of a double entendre, since her crowds of supporters have been dwindling down to a few hundred and sometimes, just a few dozen.

Here’s what the Conservative Tribune relayed from the Gateway Pundit:

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, had a bit of a different reception in Iowa, where The Gateway Pundit reported that she had 600 people show up for a rally in the state’s largest city, Des Moines.

On the first day of early voting in Iowa, Hillary Clinton holds a rally in sunny Des Moines pic.twitter.com/ExFO2hGVPE

— Thomas Kaplan (@thomaskaplan) September 29, 2016

Meanwhile, here’s what Trump managed to draw in Florida, and still had to turn away 12,000 people:

And in Iowa, there were almost as many Trump supporters as there were Hillary acolytes.

At her rallies, Hillary made her usual rants about what a horrible person Donald Trump is instead of talking about the issues that have been on the minds of most Trump faithfuls. She wants to ‘slander’ her way into the oval office by slinging as much mud as possible. And of course, the lame stream media all seem to have amnesia when it comes to her email server scandals and obvious health issues.

We have plainly seen that the Trump supporters outnumber Hillary’s by the thousands at the rallies and a fair election will see a Trump victory in November. We can be sure that the leftists will do everything they possibly can to steal this one for Hillary and it will be our responsibility to make sure they don’t! Let’s get out the vote for Trump and keep America for patriotic Americans!

Source: Conservative Tribune