JUST IN: Governor Renews Gun Confiscation Order, ‘State Of Emergency’ Blamed For Massive Grab

Mapp (pictured) has 24/7 armed protection, yet he feels the average person should not be so well taken care of.

When it was reported last week that California was facing legal action over their attempts to unconstitutionally limit ammo ownership, few were shocked. This ammunition limiting is nothing but an infringement on the legal right to own guns, and as the Constitution tells us, any infringement is too much. Still, we expect the left to act against the law of the land because they detest it (since it limits their control over us).

The Daily Caller informs us that the U.S. Virgin Islands are following the same troublesome path as “Gov. Kenneth Mapp renewed a highly controversial executive order in January that allows the National Guard to seize arms from everyday civilians.” This foul practice was first begun in September and has been renewed on January 2nd.

The order says that the Islands are in a “state of emergency.” It is said that “adjunct” powers have been given “that may be required by the military forces for the performance of this emergency mission.” This is exactly why it is vital to many to never (NEVER) register ANY gun whatsoever. Once that is done, the government can at any time claim a reason or “emergency,” and then the authorities know where to come to confiscate the weapons.

Why should home and shop owners not shoot stealing thugs dead who attempt to loot?

The reason being given is that “following the devastation brought on from Hurricanes Irma and Maria,” the Virgin Islands are still in a dreadful state. However, there are two major problems with this line of thinking.

First of all, there is no mention of this being legal during times of hurricanes in founding documents. Not a hint of it, even.

The second problem is that if things are really as bad they claim, the average man or woman needs their gun now more than at any other time. Thugs, hoodlums, and looters would love to gather up what they can as recovery is underway. Of this, we can be certain.

The governments of the world are always looking for excuses and loopholes that would allow them to neuter what the founding fathers envisioned. Sadly, this makes legal gun owners as unsafe as if they were unlocking their doors and inviting stealing with neon signs.

What is needed during a time of great peril is not the hand of Big Brother coming in to take what he feels is dangerous, but people being allowed to protect themselves from any danger that may exist.

Donald Trump (pictured) has the right idea.

If a crime is committed, surely the Virgin Islands has a way to handle that.

In the meantime, it does not have the right to make those people wise enough to own firearms more unsafe by infringing on the people’s only means of proper, 24-hour protection.

Sources: The Conservative Daily PostThe Daily Caller


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