FBI – New Endorsement Goes To Donald Trump

james-kallstrom-890x395_cFormer assistant Director of the FBI is reported to have officially endorse Donald Trump. He was very honest about his political opinions, endorsing Trump, calling him a “good man”. However, he did not share similar words for the democratic candidate Hilary Clinton. His said that Hillary is a “pathological liar”.

Donald Trump didn’t just get a new endorsement—he got an endorsement of significant standing in the law enforcement and national security field who then took the somewhat unusual step of slamming Trump’s competitor, Hillary Clinton.

And for Clinton, who’s failing miserably with the law enforcement community who sees her in suspicious lights, this endorsement-slash-public-scolding couldn’t be worse.

So who’s the endorser?

James Kallstrom, the former assistant director of the FBI.

And as Conservative Tribune reported: This is a very big deal.

“Kallstrom,” the news outlet reported, “made history … when he became the first person to have held that post to officially endorse a presidential candidate.”

Kallstrom’s law enforcement background is sizable. He headed up the FBI’s investigation into the crash of TWA Flight 800 in 1996, for instance. And what’s also remarkable about Kallstrom: He’s not afraid to call out the Clintons on national television.

In an interview on Fox Business Network, he said Donald Trump was a good man – who was squaring off in the race to the White House against an establishment-minded competitor.

“You’re not going to get change with Hillary Clinton,” he said, Conservative Tribune reported. “Seventy percent of the people want change. … [But] this is the woman that lied when she was on the Watergate staff.”

He was hardly finished.

On Trump, Kallstrom said: “He’s a good guy. I’ve known his family from the time they were kids. Look at his children. Could you find a better family than he brought up in this country?”

And on Clinton?

Kallstrom couldn’be be blunter.

“I mean,” he said, Conservative Tribune reported, “she’s a pathological liar.”

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