JUST IN: Mueller Wants Sit Down, ‘Interview’ With Trump In Works As Liberals Gleefully Speculate

Former FBI director Robert Mueller heads the investigation searching for Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

NBC reported on Monday, Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference is gearing up and getting ready to interview the elected President of the United States. NBC believes it is possible the President’s legal team is preparing a process for the eventuality of being questioned on the issue.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, the broadcasting company asserts the discussions are ongoing. The legal counsel is said to be pondering about the different formats and styles the questions could take place in.

The unnamed sources claim the legal team is trying to avoid an interview, but willing to be prepared if one must take place face to face. The team has also proposed some compromises that would pave the road for no interview being needed.

The discussion of the possibility of being interviewed began after Paul Manafort was indicted for his work with the Podesta Group in Ukraine last October. The charges include money laundering in connection with his lobbying work in Ukraine.

Trump lawyer, John Dowd, went on NBC to refute any claims and declare the White House is cooperating to the fullest with the investigation. Out of respect for the Office of the Special Counsel (OSC), the White House does not comment on matters concerning the OSC.  The spokesperson for the office, Peter Carr declined to comment.

Congressional meeting at Camp David over the weekend proved very productive for the President and his agenda.

NBC continues to describe how another secretive inside suggested that Trump’s legal team is trying to arrange the interview, so responses can be done in written format. Further contemplation infers an affidavit could be signed by the president simply stating no collusion took place. The NBC experts doubt Mueller would conduct an investigation and not sit down with the President.

Former chief of staff to Federal Bureau of Investigations Director Jim Comey, Chuck Rosenberg, asserted on the network that prosecutors like to talk to people in person, so they may see and hear their responses. Suggesting that body language and tone are important, the long litigation process could be frustrating to some.

Alan Dershowitz, a criminal defense attorney, referred to the moves proposed by the legal team as sportsmanship. Knowing that any proper legal defense could halt mediation with similar tactics. The attorney continued to suggest he personally would refuse to let his clients be interviewed. Pleading the Fifth could be just as bad.

This classic defense strategy does not presume guilt on behalf of the president, but rather a means to cooperating while the investigation fizzles itself out. One year into the investigation, no evidence has been found of collusion with Russia during the 2016 election. 

The investigation started with the original pick for National Security Advisor Mike Flynn. His failure to disclose every conversation with a Russian or Turkish national throughout his consulting career has landed him in hot water. Failing to name every instance, Peter Strzok was able to trick Flynn into lying to a federal agent. 

Strzok was recently removed from the Mueller investigation.

Latest news asserts that former presidential candidate Jill Stein is also a Russian agent. Photographed at a dinner with both General Mike Flynn and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the table was being honored by Russian broadcasting company, Russia Today.

Speaking to the far reaches of the Russian collusion probe, President Trump spoke while during his meeting at Camp David. With confidence, the president put to rest all claims that he is under investigation, but perhaps Hillary Clinton is. The president also made note of how cooperative he has been. The president knows his legal team could hold the process up years but wants to speed things along and gets it over with since there is nothing to hide.

The president made a note during the address that the special counsel is tearing the country apart. We are in a time where tensions are high, and some people are so blinded by lies they are willing to believe or do anything. This, the president suggests, makes the nation look foolish.

Following the release of a new book filled with inaccuracies and deliberate misinterpretations, the whistleblowing website, Wikileaks, has released the full .pdf version of the book, Fire and Fury, for free. The intro to the book clearly states the author makes up most of the details and refers to the numerous Buzzfeed reports during his campaign.

These moves show the president is excited and ready to make America even greater in the new year.   


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