Mike Pence Just RUINED John Lewis Right After He Attacked Trump

Vice-President elect Mike Pence deserves to hear a BIG ‘THANK YOU’ from all of us, folks! Today he defended Trump like no other from pure liberal sabotage in such a big way!

Pence went on Fox News to talk about Congressman John Lewis’ not respectful speech saying that Trump was “not a legitimate President” and Trump striking back.

Chris Wallace asked Mr. Pence if it is okay for Trump to call Lewis “do-nothing” since he was a front line fighter for Civil Rights Movement.

Watch Pence’s response HERE.

‘I think Donald Trump has the right to defend himself.’

Pence went on to explain,

“When someone of John Lewis’ stature, someone who is not only an icon in the civil rights movement but also someone who by virtue of his sacrifice on that day that we know as Bloody Sunday, he crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge and it was through that the Voting Rights Act itself – for someone of his stature to use terms like, ‘this is not a legitimate president. AND I HOPE HE RECONSIDERS!!”

Mike Pence’s response is simply GREAT! In a PERFECT way he just SAVED Donald Trump after the nasty attacks this weekend. And to all liberals that think that Trump is making enemies with these guys, well I’m sorry, you are wrong. Trump only wants to make this country great and united again!

Now let’s share Pence’s GREAT response with everyone you know, and show solidarity with our 45th President!