Kellyanne Conway Delivers Rebuke to Meryl Streep

Photo via Video Screenshot

The Golden Globe Awards have proven that Hollywood liberals are still ignorant to the average American.

Thankfully, we have Kellyanne Conway to shut down arrogant elites like Meryl Streep. After Streep mentioned the media lie about Trump making fun of a disabled reporter, Conway came back swinging, saying, “I didn’t hear her use her platform last night to give a shout-out to the mentally challenged boy who last week was tortured live on Facebook for half an hour.”

Conway took her challenge a step further, telling Streep that she’d love to hear from her on the issues facing disabled Americans.

That, patriots, is a sly way of pointing out that Streep only seems to care about disability-related issues when it serves her liberal narrative.

A rich and enormously successful actress like Streep could have risen awareness for this important issue at any time. She’s had the spotlight of major awards many, many times and has a huge social media following.

Besides, if Meryl Streep had been smart enough to figure out that the mainstream media have been lying to her about Trump, she would have already known that Trump never made fun of the reporter for his disability, only for conveniently forgetting about an argument he made, which Trump happened to agree with.

Streep and other liberal elites love to pretend they are martyrs for their cause, speaking out against the big bully, Trump, in favor of the little guy. Really, speaking out against Trump is a sure-fire way to get media attention and the support of ignorant liberals.

You can be sure that after Streep’s Golden Globe speech, plenty of hair-brained liberals will go out and buy tickets to her movies and any other products she sells in some misguided show of loyalty. Really, if the liberals cared about the issue Streep is supposedly speaking in support of, they would go out and donate, volunteer, or raise awareness in the name of various disabilities.

Somehow, I don’t think mass donations to charities are about to start rolling in—just as they didn’t when the fake controversy surrounding the original incident first broke.

Liberals don’t care—they just like to pretend they care, and Conway is SO right to nail Streep for it!