Kellyanne Just Humiliated Joe Biden Before American Public

As you probably know, Joe Biden tried to turn a bit of attention to himself by saying to Trump that he needs to ‘grow up. Time to be an adult. You’re president.’

However, Kellyanne Conway couldn’t hold it in anymore and responded in a way no one expected.

She thanked Biden, but it was not one a genuine thank you, it was one of those thank you because Biden’s awful policies are what allowed Donald Trump to win the election.

Here are the details:

“It’s really disappointing to hear the vice president speak that way, not surprising. To what is he referring, the fact that his Democratic party under his watch, he’s been the number two guy in the country and in the Democratic Party,” started Kellyanne.

“They lost over 1,000 state legislative seats, they lost over a dozen governorships, a dozen senators, they lost 68 House seats since he got there. They lost the election in 2010, 2014, 2016. In large part because of the policies he supports like the awful unaffordable, inaccessible care act, Obamacare,” said Kellyanne.

“Like these draconian taxes and regulations on small businesses and the rest of us, like all these bad trade deals that never benefited American workers. And Donald Trump who came in — without Joe Biden and Barack Obama, there may have never been a president Trump and a Vice President Mike Pence,” she said.

“So I’d like to say to the vice president, thanks for the non-advice. We’ll ignore the insults and the slights. We very much appreciate all the failed policies that allowed us to usher in a new era of hopefulness and buoyancy, fresh blood and excitement in this administration.

You’re now going to see president Donald Trump, very quickly, deliver and perform and be accountable to results like as he has always done in his wildly successful business. It’s gong to be a brand new, not just the tone but the content, in Washington,” said Kellyanne.


I am sure Joe Biden is furious right now. Kellyanne really wiped the floor with him. Well, she is right too. Obama and Biden really had bad policies that ruined America and the American people.

However, Donald Trump is entering the Oval Office soon. He is the one that will make this right again. He will improve our lives drastically, mark my words.

What do you think about Kellyanne and her comments on Biden? Do you agree with her?