Kesha Drops Her Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Dr. Luke

It’s all anyone could talk about earlier this year – including celebrities. In fact, many female stars went that little bit further by coming out to show their support for the pop singer.

The Tik Tok singer uploaded a photo to her instagam page, with an accompanying explanation of what has happened.

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Image Source: Instagram – @iiswhoiis


The case has played out in the public eye and music producer, Dr. Luke, has denied all allegations made against him, including sexual assault and battery against the singer. Kesha has been unable to release any new music whilst she’s still signed to his label – something the 29 year old had tried to change, but the judge refused her request back in April.

It’s not the end for the did-he-didn’t-he saga though, as the singer intends to continue her legal efforts in New York as she is only dropping the allegations in Los Angeles. She will continue her fight against  the famous music producer in New York, which is more important to the singer as it’s preventing her from leaving his music label, Kemosabe records.


Dr. Luke has worked with Katy Perry, One Direction and Maroon 5, and he claims that she’s made the entire story up in an attempt to ruin his reputation and get out of her recording contract. He’s now suing the singer for defamation and that case is still ongoing.

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