LAWSUIT: Man Sues George Soros Alleging He Ruined His Business

A Jewish mining company, owned by Beny Steinmetz, is suing liberal billionaire George Soros for targeting his business through a defamation campaign in an attempt to ruin him because he says Soros hates Israel.

Bloomberg reported:

Soros funded law firms, transparency groups, investigators and government officials in Guinea in a coordinated effort to ensure BSG Resources Ltd. lost the rights to the Simandou deposit in April 2014, BSGR said in a complaint filed Friday in Manhattan federal court.

After years of BSGR accusing Soros of propagating corruption allegations which resulted in its loss of Simandou, this is the first time it took direct legal action against him. In the complaint, BSGR alleges that Soros was driven by a grudge dating back to 1998 around a business in Russia and his alleged hostility towards Israel.

“To Soros, Steinmetz’s success, as well as his active, passionate promotion of Israeli life, business and culture are anathema,” BSGR said in the complaint. “Soros is also well known for his long-standing animus toward the state of Israel.”

Soros’s spokesman Michael Vachon didn’t immediately respond to an email or messages left on his work and mobile phone outside of regular business hours.

Soros, a Jew himself, is well-known to have worked with Nazis during WWII as they rounded up Jews to send to concentration camps.


(Image: YouTube Screenshot)

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