Lefty Journalist Goes To Border To ATTACK Trump…Gets A SURPRISE He Never Expected!

File this one under Pigs Have Flown.

Donald Trump has taken nearly non-stop flack on the campaign trail for his ongoing insistence at the need to close down illegal border crossings – mostly from the left-leaning camp, which includes sheltered, elitist politicians and the media members who enable them.

Trump’s also been criticized by those on the left both in the United States and in Mexico’s government for being a racist for his border views – yet the press and those on the left have curiously turned a blind eye to the fact that Mexico actually has tougher border laws than America.

On top of that, many Hispanics are actually on Trump’s side when it comes to tighter immigration laws. Most in the mainstream press deny that.

But get ready for this: “Louder With Crowder” reported a liberal-minded journalist may actually now agree with Trump, insofar as seeing Mexico’s government a bit hypocritical to decry the billionaire businessman.

From Esquire editor Jay Fielden’s mouth, according to Louder With Crowder: “They said, ‘Build the wall.’ They said two things, whether they were Hispanic, Anglo, Democrat, Republican, uncommitted, clueless, whatever, they said we want a wall and yet we want it to be married with some compassion toward the people that we’re trying to keep from jumping over the border.”

Fielden also pointed out that some first-general Hispanics may actually agree with Trump’s call to build a wall because they don’t like the idea of those immigrants who come in the future may not have to abide the same rigid rules they faced.

“One thing I think is that most those Hispanics are first-generation and they see it as unfair,” Fielden said, Louder With Crowder reported. “That they came over here the legal way, became citizens and now they’re having to compete for hobs with those who are coming across the border on a daily basis. Right? So I think they feel as one guy says, ‘Let them get in line.’”

Source: Louder With Crowder