Legendary Singer Risks Everything To Perform At Trump Inauguration

Donald Trump has had a lot of trouble to convince signers for his Inauguration day, because the entertainment industry is run by liberals. For that reason, a lot of singers are afraid that their careers will go down if they accept to perform at the inauguration. But that’s not the case with the legendary singer Paul Anka, reportedly, he accepted to perform on the inauguration.

A source close to Anka confirmed that the legendary singer will perform his hit song “My Way” at the inauguration event on January 20th with a special rewritten lyrics for the President-elect.

“Paul was asked by the members of the Trump inauguration committee and he was only too happy to do it for his longtime friend,” said an Anka insider.

“While everyone else was running scared from performing at the inauguration, Paul stood fast,” the source added. “He wasn’t about to be intimated by anyone!”

Anka wrote the lyrics for Frank Sinatra’s signature song, “My Way,” which has been covered by numerous artists over the years.

“Now, Paul has re-written those lyrics especially for Donald Trump, which he will perform during the inaugural dance for Donald and his lovely First Lady, Melania” said the source. “Paul won’t let the cat out of the bag or reveal his new lyrics yet, but will be tailor-made for President Trump. . .and it will be huge!”

Anka isn’t the only artist who signed on to Trump’s inauguration this week. Rapper Flo-Rida is said to have accepted $ 1 million to perform at the event as well. They will join Jackie Evancho, the Rockettes, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on January 20, when Trump is sworn in as our next president.

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