Look At What DISGUSTING Liberals Just Did To Melania

Look At What DISGUSTING Liberals Just Did To Melania While She Was Taking Care Of Barron Last Night!

First Lady Melania Trump has been the target of a lot of criticism from the left since she’s not the crass partner to the president that her predecessor was. Most recently, she’s been regarded by liberals as “missing Melania” for her controversial decision to stay in New York until the summer, but when she emerged today, the left had a whole new reason to attack her while she was taking care of her and President Trump’s young son.

Just because the First Lady hasn’t soaked up the limelight like Michelle Obama did, doesn’t mean that she’s not fulfilling her duties of the honorable position. Liberals disagree, assuming she’s disrespecting the position and the people who she’s supposed to be mingling with, despite Michelle actually doing the repeatedly with her attitudinal behavior and preference for rappers, over her husband’s two terms in office. The claws came out last night when Melania’s detractors were quick to judge what she didn’t do, and completely missed what she was occupied with while they were hating on her.

Without looking further into their claim, the liberal rag, NCT, jumped to the punch with an article that began, “Donald Trump has pretty much violated all international protocol and it now looks like the missing Melania has done the same thing.” They were reporting that as the prime minister of Japan, Akie Abe, and his wife arrived in Washington, D.C., Melania was nowhere to be found, as she was “too busy” to fulfill her duty and greet the couple, as well as take them on a tour. 

This started a firestorm of hate and gross allegations of what Melania was doing instead of her job, such as, getting Botox and other jabs against her appearance that she allegedly makes a priority over greeting officials. She was taking care of her child, rather than pawning him off on someone else, but still made time for the minister and his wife. Everyone just spouted off at the mouth in the way that they viciously criticized conservatives for when things were said about former First Lady Michelle. While they were busy with this, Melania was actually making her debut with the international stage and proving these liberals as the fools they are.

“Melania Trump hosted the Japanese First Lady today in a tour of Morikami Gardens in Florida,” the Gateway Pundit reported. “It was her first official hosting of a foreign leader spouse. Later today Melania and Akie Abe will visit the museum in Delray Beach, Florida.”

She carried herself with dignity, beauty, and class that hasn’t been seen in the White House for eight years. She represented our nation incredibly well to Japan’s leaders who probably have far more respect for her than the stark contrast seen in Michelle, and Melania did a job well done today without seeking attention or approval for it from those who love to hate her.