Lose Your Keys? Here’s How To Unlock Your Car In 30 Seconds [Watch]

Credit: Roman UrsuHack / YouTube

There’s no worse feeling than reaching into your pockets or purse and realizing that your car keys are missing. Unfortunately, it is quite common to forget them inside a vehicle. On a positive note, it’s actually quite easy to unlock your car — and in no time at all!

As the video below explains, you can unlock your car by using nothing more than a string. Begin by tying a knot by folding a string in half. Then, place a small slip knot in the center. Pull both ends to tighten the knot. Next, use the end of the string and slip it over the door frame. The string should be able to slip into the interior of the car with no trouble.

Then, try to loop the string over the lock’s knob and pull it to secure it onto the knob. Finally, continue to pull the string until the lock pops. Voila!

Watch the video below for a visual explanation:

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