MAD DOG Mattis Promises SHOCK-AND-AWE to North Korea’s Nuke Threat

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis (L) shakes hands with South Korean Defense Minister Han Min-Koo (R) before their meeting at the headquarters of the Defense Ministry in Seoul, South Korea, February 3, 2017. REUTERS/Kim Min-Hee/Pool

They don’t call General Jim Mattis “Mad Dog” for nothing. He’s a Marine; and Marines aren’t afraid of anything.

General Mattis made it very clear to North Korea that the era of saber-rattling is over. If Kim Jon-Un wants a fight, he’s chosen the wrong Marine to go toe-to-toe with.
In his recent declaration, General Mattis warned North Korea:

“Any attack on the United States, or our allies, will be defeated, and any use of nuclear weapons would be met with a response that would be effective and overwhelming,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said at South Korea’s defense ministry, at the end of a two-day visit.

Mattis’ remarks come amid concern that North Korea could be readying to test a new ballistic missile, in what could be an early challenge for Trump’s administration.

North Korea, which regularly threatens to destroy South Korea and its main ally, the United States, conducted more than 20 missile tests last year, as well as two nuclear tests, in defiance of U.N. resolutions and sanctions.

The North also appears to have also restarted operation of a reactor at its main Yongbyon nuclear facility that produces plutonium that can be used for its nuclear weapons program, according to the U.S. think-tank 38 North.

“North Korea continues to launch missiles, develop its nuclear weapons program and engage in threatening rhetoric and behavior,” Mattis said.

North Korea’s actions have prompted the United States and South Korea to respond by bolstering defenses, including the expected deployment of a U.S. missile defense system, known as Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), in South Korea later this year.

How will North Korea react will be interesting.

Given that the Obama administration was known for buckling under pressure, the North Koreans may not have gotten the memo. There’s a new sheriff, and he’s a spirited white guy.
Though it is highly unlikely, America would go to war with North Korea only under the most dire circumstances. What is clear is the U.S. might put even more extreme diplomatic pressure on the rogue nation. And in a country that struggles for meager subsistence, it’s not a good idea to fight with America’s military or its GDP.
A starving army can’t fight very long. And make no mistake about it, General Mattis is primed and ready for any fight.

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