Man Claiming to Be Kim Jong-uns Lover Seeks Asylum in South Korea

Seoul| The South Korean authorities are completely puzzled by the case of Lee Dae-Ho, a North Korean refugee who claims to have secretly been Kim Jong-uns boyfriend for the last 11 years and who is carrying dozens of love letters written by the controversial leader. The 29-year old man says he is heterosexual, but was forced into an intimate relationship with the communist dictator, virtually becoming the leader’s sex slave.

The two men met in 2002, during their training at the Kim Il-sung Military University in Pyongyang. Their relationship rapidly turned into a close friendship, and Mr. Lee started getting rapid military promotions. Within months of meeting the future president, he had become a captain in the famous Supreme Guard Command (also known as Unit 963), a sort of praetorian guard dedicated to defending the Kim family.

An official picture from 2011, does show Mr. Lee on Kim Jong-un

An official picture from 2011, does show Mr. Lee on Kim Jong-uns right while he assists to a military exercise.

Things would have then rapidly degenerated from there for Lee Dae-Ho, as he was forced to submit to his friends sexual advances and fulfill every one of his fantasies, under penalty of death. He claims to have suffered to have suffered all kinds of sexual abuse and degrading treatments, sometimes many hours per day.

Fortunately for him, the North Korean leader seemed to have gotten tired of him over the last year, giving him more freedom of action. He was able to use his military rank and his influence, to get stationed in the demilitarized zone in January, where he started planning his escape. After carefully studying the maps and the landscape for months, he attempted his escape on the 1st of August and was miraculously able to make it into South Korean territory.

The Seoul government has not yet made any official statement concerning the case of Mr. Lee, probably out of concern that any declaration on the matter could certainly bring a lot of tensions between the neighbors. Many Human Rights organizations, however have already manifested publicly their support for the poor man.

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-uns former companion, Kenji Fujimoto, who spent the best part of a decade employed as his professional playmate, had questioned his sexual orientation in the past, claiming in a book in 2003 that Kim loathed the idea of being with a woman. It is, however, the first time that someone presents proofs of his homosexuality.