Mattel Releases “American-sized” Barbie Doll

Mattel, has announced this morning during a press conference at its headquarters in El Segundo in California, that they are releasing a new Barbie doll specially conceived to represent the typical 21st-century American woman.

This new Barbie is shockingly different from all the previously released dolls of the brand, taking Barbie fans completely by surprise and bringing instantly both positive and negative reactions.

“This is a tragedy,” says Bill Corrick, fan, and collector of Barbie products. “They transformed the ultimate representation of beauty into a fat Cheetos-eating slob! It’s a crime against good taste! My eyes still hurt from looking at it!”

Feminist organizations and overweight people defense groups have both praised this new initiative from Mattel. Fat Mothers Against Anorexia (FMAA) issued a statement saying that it was “about time Barbie stopped looking like an anorexic bimbo and started looking like a Real woman.