Michelle Obama Says There Is “No Hope”… Trump Issues GREAT Response

Earlier this week, on the Oprah’s Show the First Lady of the United States once again disgraced our country with her comments. She said that the United States has lost hope now that Donald Trump has becoming president, after her husband “fulfilled hope and change” these 8 years.

“Because we feel the difference now,” she said. “See, now, we’re feeling what not having hope feels like.”

But President-Elect Donald Trump was having none of it.

“We have tremendous hope, and we have tremendous promise and tremendous potential,” Trump said at his final “Thank You” rally stop in Mobile, Alabama, according to The Hill.

“And beyond hope, we have such potential. This country has such potential. You watch, it’s going to be so special. Things are going to happen like you haven’t seen happen in many many decades,” he said.

“This is truly an exciting time to be alive,” Trump added. “The script is not yet written.”

In fact, he showed humility and graciousness in his next comments.

“And I actually think she made that statement not meaning it the way it came out,” Trump continued about Obama. “She could not have been nicer.”

This is a perfect response from President-elect Trump. We all know that he is the right man for this job, and these words just proved it. Thank you President Trump for everything, and don’t worry, you brought hope for us from the beginning!