Michigan: Jimmy Hoffa’s Body Found

Detroit| The skeleton of Union leader and suspected mob godfather, Jimmy Hoffa, has finally been discovered by the Detroit Police Department in what seems to be an innocent family’s house. The couple had discovered it in the basement years ago and have been using it has an Halloween decoration ever since.

“We thought it what a very realistic reproduction, not a real corpse” explains William Metternich, still Under shock from the discovery. “And I had always thought Jimmy Hoffa was buried beneath the Giants Stadium!?!”

The police department public relations officer, Rita Mansfield, announced that now that they finally have a body, they will be opening a nation-wide murder investigation with the help of the FBI to solve this decades old mystery once and for all.

“The couple who were in possesion of the body and their children are not considered suspects, but many other possibilities are being investigated as we speak” officer Mansfield tells media in her short press conference organised this morning.