Mitch McConnell REP Majority Leader – Joins Attack on Trump Election

Don’t underestimate what the establishment is still dong to undermine President Elect Trump’s election. Yesterday Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell backed RINOs John McCain and Lindsey Graham for a full Senate investigation into alleged Russian tampering in the Presidential election. McConnell calling the allegations of Russian meddling “disturbing,” said Monday the intelligence panel should take the lead,

Make no mistake this is an attack on Trump. Government hacks  and corporate espionage hacks have been going on for years without investigations by the federal government. But now since this is against one of their own, Hillary Clinton and the DNC it is a different story. I lump all politicians together because in my mind they are all alike.
McCain says three Senate committees will investigate the alleged Russian conspiracy; despite the fact that even the New York Times admits that:
“law enforcement officials say that none of the investigations so far have found any conclusive or direct link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government.”

This news comes just one week prior to the final Electoral College vote as the Establishment launches a full-court attack on the legitimacy of the Trump election. Ten electors are now demanding information from Congress on the alleged Russian conspiracy.

What began as highly orchestrated “protests” has grown into a full-scare, bi-partisan and official attack on the validity of the Trump election. And once again, GOP Establishment RINOs show their true colors.

Despite Trump’s meteoric success as President-elect, turning around the economy, the Establishment continues to fight.

They hate Trump, and will look for ways to needle at him. This is because Trump and we the people threaten their monopoly on power.

By tying Trump to the Russians, they hope to de-legitimize the election, thus de-legitimize your vote, ergo Donald Trump.

In a scenario where Clinton had won and we were blaming the Russians, the idea would be dismissed as a “conspiracy.”

One thing remains certain: Donald Trump wins this election. And the people who have yet again sided against him will find out that their political careers took a hit.

You simply can’t argue with success. And Trump has only begun.

Regardless, we need to pressure these RINOs, and not just with talk. We need to act, and let them know their insolence will be punished at the ballot box. We can make their lives miserable in the run up to the next election. Ridicule them at every turn. Remember, silence is consent.