MSNBC Attacks Trump for Calling Paris Attack ‘Terrorism’ EVEN THOUGH IT WAS! (VIDEO)

MSNBC was quick to attack President Trump for referring to the Paris Attacks “Terrorism,” when in fact President Trump was right and MSNBC was wrong.

NewsBusters reported:

“President Trump said right off the bat to a question looks like another terrorist attack in France that we have not been comfortable to call it that or report that but we’ll have more reporting upcoming,” disgraced MSNBC host Brian Williams complained. 

Moments later, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd complained about Trump “getting ahead of the facts” even though police were indicating that what took place was terrorism.

Timeout, Chuck. It’s both infuriating and hilarious when the media complains that they’re not in control of what’s reported or said about something. Who’s largely in charge of informing the masses about what’s going on in the world? The media.

Moving on, Todd griped:

And then I am with you, look, the only thing on the what’s going on in Paris, you know, always a dangerous time to be — you know, the coverage is getting ahead of the facts and I think, you know, the President was referring to what he was saying he’s watching on television.

“You do wonder if — are people are going to take what he said as some idea that it’s — that he knows something more than what anybody else does. But if you recall, even in his answer, oh, I just saw that as I was walking out type of thing,” Todd added.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the Paris Attacks!

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