MSNBC Quietly RETRACTS Rachael Maddow’s Ridiculous Venezuela Claims Online

One of the most laughable and non-credible news hosts, Rachel Maddow, blamed the violence and riots in Venezuela on President Trump.

Now MSNBC is apologizing for her fake news story, but they are doing it online and in quiet fashion…

Breitbart reported:

The show later apologized for the chyron and updated it in its web version of the broadcast.

“Rachel was clear in calling the protests in Venezuela ‘anti-government,’ but the banner on the screen while she said it was not correct. As a TV show, we have to get them both right, and sometimes we miss,” MSNBC said in a statement. The version of the segment posted online no longer includes the chyron to reflect the fact that producers did not, in retrospect, consider it an accurate representation of the situation in Venezuela or of Maddow’s commentary.

Late dictator Hugo Chávez enacted sweeping socialist reforms to cripple the nation’s economy, including the aforementioned seizures of corporations, which resulted in many international corporations fleeing the country. Following his death, Nicolás Maduro has overseen mass shortages of food, medicine, and electricity, imposing a ration system and strict price controls, which have exacerbated the problem.

Watch Tucker Carlson discuss it:

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