Muslim Man Arrested For Trying To Set Blaze To Rockefeller Xmas Tree

A man from the Bronx, NY was arrested trying to set the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree on fire. However, to the surprise of absolutely no one, he was Muslim.

You might have heard about a guy who was arrested near the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in New York City. He was caught carrying a can a gasoline and a box of matches. There is, however, more to the story.

Most media outlets report the man is “mentally disturbed.” Of course he is. He is a radical Muslim.

Yuriy Alterman is the man under arrest. He is a 38-year-old man from the Bronx. Police were alerted to his presence by an employee of Fox News, who saw the suspicious man and then flagged down a New York police officer. The man was arrested before he could get near the crowds and the tree.

Pix 11 News reporter Anthony DiLorenzo tweeted this out, which revealed the motivation of the domestic terrorist.


The New York Daily News provides more details.

Yuriy Alterman, 38, had a copy of “Son of Hamas” on him when he was busted Monday afternoon, but a police source said he has no terror connections.

Police were flagged down by a Fox News worker who saw Alterman near Sixth Ave., and W.46th St. Alterman threw at least one bottle and was carrying a gasoline can, as well as matches, authorities said.

Officers Henry Hernandez and Ryan Marrero, both assigned to the Critical Response Command, found him near Rockefeller Plaza.


The book “Son of Hamas” is written by the son of a terrorist leader. The man reportedly told police “Sometimes, you guys do things that make others do things even though that’s not who we are.” He also allegedly said “Have you seen the news today?” and “F— the police.”

Alterman was initially charged with making terrorist threats. However, that was reduced to two misdemeanor charges, criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree and disorderly conduct. Which means he will likely see little to no jail time. It also means he will be back on the streets soon to plan an even bigger attack later.

In addition, his attorney had a ridiculous defense as to why he was carrying a can of gasoline in the middle of Manhattan. “He bought the gas just to buy it,” his Legal Aid lawyer, Sarah Legler, said. “I don’t think these charges are sufficient to this point.”

H/T: NBC News

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